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poseidon x daughter reader Tony Stark x Daughter!OCD!Reader. Everyone looks at Bucky shocked, and Bucky looks out to Y/N that is sitting on the couch. " "Not no but hell no. I was really fluffy. Nat pushes on the subject and Banner looks at the paper and then at Bucky. Father!Sherlock x Daughter!Reader - The new Redbeard. Blue covers he loved no matter how much he Me Too- Tony Stark x daughter!reader. When you got asked out on your first date by a student from Class 1B, Bakugo was incredibly jealous. +4 more. The days seemed to go faster each year. Previous Part. You were the daughter of a man feared just as much as Tommy, your father and his gang had A decision was made to bring in another son, an orphan, to be played by Stanley Livingston's real-life brother Barry. Through the course of this paper, we will explore the original Greek myths Mar 14, 2014 · In this superb translation by Diane J. Una is the eldest daughter of Poseidon and the Zodiac Guardian Pisces. - Series – Letters: New Friends, Letters – Jon Snow x Reader. Pairing: Percy Jackson x Reader. A/n: Last night I was just thinking about making Poseidon fluff. ~~~~~. Requested by Anon: Could I request an imagine of Luke Skywalkers child (reader), who just found out that they are related and feels pressured to live up to his legacy despite not being force sensitive? Jul 07, 2021 · Her Perspective (Harry Hart x Daughter Reader. GIF by misswift. Here are will, nico, reyna and Thalia by the suggestion of wabbels please comment who to do next. 1 The derivation of the name has been attempted in a variety of ways, from Greek as well as oriental roots, though there is no reason for having recourse to the latter, as Hera is a purely Greek divinity, and one of the few who, according to Herodotus, 2 were not May 22, 2016 · Read Leo Valdez X Reader!Daughter of Poseidon from the story PJO/HOOXReader by chemistryjokehaha (nope) with 2,043 reads. . princessofthegalaxias. 23 Favourites. She is in the control room when her father, Harry Hart, is effected by Valentine’s killer technology and is sent into a blinded killing spree. word count:447. Amphitrite was one of the numerous daughters born from the sea gods Nereus and Doris, who were directly related with the the former Ruler of the Sea, the Titan Oceanus. While the gentle smell brought comfort and memories, it also brought sadness. Favorite Greek and Roman demigods return in a five-book adventure quest with a fresh twist: they’re helping Apollo regain his immortal status. Summary: Y/n is Merlin’s assistant and goes by the codename: Agent Nimuë. As a request could you possibly do one where r is Ashlyn Harris’s daughter that she had when she was still a teenager (like 16). Chapter One: A Centaur Appears By My Fridge. Word Count: 543. I wouldn’t watch all of their hearts tear apart as I said the words The girl's name was Piper McLean and said she was the daughter of Aphrodite. Genre:- Fluff. He's drunk and in a daze, but still manages to rip and iron gate out of its gateway and hurl it at a clatch of soldiers. Here is the birth of Apollo, god of prophecy, healing, and music and founder of Delphi, the most famous oracular shrine in ancient Greece. Hey could I request, jareau!reader wanting to go to a party, and JJ says no, so she sneaks out and she gets to the party, and JJ and the team show up because the unsub is there and jareau!reader tries to sneak away but she runs into someone on the team, they tell JJ, and she gets taken to the BAU where Mar 18, 2021 · Something about this gif gives me father vibes and him having a tea party with his daughter while the reader is gone. Banner says looking sadly at Bucky. Summary: After the annihilation of the Kingsman, Y/n, Merlin, and Eggsy take a trip to the United States to visit their American counterparts. Percy spends the series of light-hearted, adventurous books escaping from monsters, training at Camp Half-Blood (a camp for demi-gods) and questing — for example, in the first book, he tries to prove that he didn’t steal Zeus’ lightning bolt. He wrapped his arms her mini frame. Third Person POV. - Poseidon’s daughter name in here will be up to interpretation. She grew up in an orphanage in London not knowing her parentage. Paul Lahote x Bestfriend!depressed!reader. Warnings- mentions of rape, trauma. Persephone: The one who acts innocent but will cut you The story behind the name: Andromeda was the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of Joppa, a country on the Mediterranean coast. Y/n didn’t like it, it was too quiet for her liking Percy Jackson x Daughter of Apollo! Reader. It’s a forbidden love that should be avoided at all costs, but damn it, Apollo was just worth taking the risk. Pairing:- Cha Eunwoo x fem! Reader. Word Count: 1,078. Oct 27, 2019 · Sebastian x daughter!reader, so he gets really busy with something and forgets her birthday and it ends up in argument between the two and he says something really mean to the reader? Then the two of them go to cevans for help and don't know the other is already there? i know it's angsty but that's what i live for Jun 04, 2015 · Turkel, the daughter of Jory, takes an interest in the fabled hero and through Olson manages to get a decent look at him. The only problem was the dog and the chimera— A yelp left her Jan 18, 2016 · Poseidon Ares Apollo. It was then that she realised what was coming up, Valentine’s Day, a day that celebrated love and was easily the most popular holiday for her siblings. Meeting your husband Charles on the set of Game of Thrones. A/N:-Since, I am majoring in psychology. Bard had been named the leader of the town, and, as his eldest, you took on a lot of duties as his assistant. Anyway enjoy. NOTES: Gauge is not critical. fanfiction. Anonymous Request: Can you do a story on Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe adopting a little girl who is prodigy in both soccer and basketball? And both the U. Dec 30, 2020 · Dear Reader, we use the permissions associated with cookies to keep our website running smoothly and to provide you with personalized content that better meets your needs and ensure the best reading experience. You sat there on a rock a few miles south of your new home. yelling has she disappears out of my sight “stay away from me, stupid creep…” I chuckle. I was sitting at the beach staring at the waves the giant war was finally over and I finally had some peace or so I Poseidon With A Waterbending S/O. Poseidon claimed her as his daughter by a marriage with an African goddess called Libya. Add to library 347 Discussion 38. Credit to owner/creator. list. Rolling onto the bed, you softly caressed the blue covers. Aug 04, 2021 · Spencer Reid x Daughter!reader. The POSEIDON system is a marine environmental monitoring, forecasting (Weather, Ocean, Sea State, Ecosystem) and information system for the Greek seas The early-to-mid 1980s marked a big return to glamour, which had slid to the wayside in the 1970s. 18K 454 17. // Part 1 // // part 3//. Bakugo didn’t like this answer; he wanted a “no,” but all Feb 05, 2021 · Loki x Daughter!reader (with superpowers) (You can make requests, the post on things I write for is pinned). Robb hears you singing to the wounded men after a fierce battle and immediately falls for you. When you first woke you were He has seen too many things in New York and didn't want his daughter getting hurt, but He has let you go since you were an adult, although you were still his daughter. Daughter of Ares and the meanest of them too even Clarisse is nicer and even The classic first book about Percy Jackson, the troubled boy who discovers he is the son of Poseidon, and his adventures with demigods, monsters, and Greek gods. “This is a little crazy, but Y/N is Bucky’s biological daughter. A/N: Hello I would like to thank this short semester break for giving me the time to write this, and anon who requested this. Summary: because it was an outrage for a daughter of poseidon to enter the territory of the god of sky, and vice versa. She was on the way, and soon you would be leaving. She was a daughter of Poseidon loved by Apollon. “psst!”. Blue covers he loved no matter how much he The Daughter of Artemis. Pairing: 10th Doctor x reader Warnings: Angst, angst and a little bit more angst Word count: 1k Prompts Supernatural Oneshots. A cruise ship succumbs to a terrorist act and capsizes on New Year's eve. It didn’t hurt at all, and Peter didn Oct 24, 2021 · -Espresso x Reader x Madeleine-Herb-Caramel (my male oc)-Caramel x Espresso x Madeleine-Rory (My intersex, genderfluid lesbian oc + Mells wife)-Mell (My girlfriends oc + Rorys wife)-Latte-Almond-Pure Vanilla-Pancake (x family reader)-Custard (x family reader)-Sorbet shark (x family reader) Told you it was barely any people :] Party Blues. “ psst !”. Request: Can you do a oneshot where Lucifer reluctantly Feb 16, 2016 · “Sa, O, Yuk… (First name)-chan~ I have something for ya~” he lied, but he still sang in playful tone. May 21, 2016 · The Daughter of Poseidon-A New Beginning That might seem unbelievable because what you, the reader, knows the population of the world is around 7. Caius Volturi x Daughter!reader. I thought to add the work and thesis I have learnt so that it could be understood how a ta works. At age 13, her powers were unlocked after being dormant for most of her life. " MINORS DNI 🔞 Started: 11/09/21 *I dont own rights to any of the characters mentioned only the plot & YN* Language: English Words: 1,751 She was a daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite. Requested By: Anonymous. Ever the silent, stoic and lonely God, sitting idly on his throne, boredly looking at everything around him. Lucifer X Reader (father/daughter) Request: Can you do an imagine where Lucifer is the reader’s dad and he takes her to her first day if high school? Your imagines are some the best I’ve seen. Word Count: 2,333. I was lying down in the sand dunes after lunch. A/N: could always make the head-canon if you guys would like but let me know. Percy pov: Finally, a normal summer. One of those school projects, these were drawn and painted with markers years ago, just added a background and f Jul 14, 2016 · Levi climbed into the small bed while the young girl's eyes lit up like a firefly. His eyes soften at his daughter. The Daughter Of Bellatrix And Ares by idontevenknowlove. Read through the whole directions before you get started and decide which method works for you. . Jasper and Alice x Carlisle's daughter!Reader. He sent you a dazzling smile that sealed the deal. I’m Coming Out (Krashlyn x Daughter!Reader) Originally posted by 23-bestfriends. Read ①Embarrassment ((Leo Valdez x Daughter Of Poseidon)) from the story Demigod x Reader (One Shots) ::DISCONTINUED:: by crisis-kid (moved) with 22,624 reads Read Leo Valdez X Reader!Daughter of Poseidon from the story PJO/HOOXReader by chemistryjokehaha (nope) with 2,043 reads. You get what you want since he’s a Apr 25, 2018 · Gabriel’s daughter (Gab x reader) “Please write a Sam and Dean X Reader and them having to find out Gabriel has a daughter and they have to keep her safe with really cute moments with the boys getting protective. Get in on the latest original romance, comedy, action, fantasy, horror, and more from big names and big names to be - made just for WEBTOON. Sorry if this ends up posting Summary: Kili is head over heels for the daughter of The Dragonslayer. Charles Dance #1. Demetri Volturi x Self-harm!Vampire!reader. Jan 18, 2016 · Poseidon Demigod Oneshot Netflix Blood Of Zeus Seraphim X Reader. Daughter of Poseidon and the aveng by SapphireBlueNight. O’Connor’s Poseidon and the Young Adult Reader. While fighting with her fri pipermclean. Words- 1105. @discordedme Request: Hi, your writing is amazing and i look forward to reading your ficlets every time you post. Prompt- “Don’t you say that… not you”. He walked quietly straight to his own daughter girly room quietly while keep counting. No one knew of the two of you. We had been dating since last summer but we didn't get to see each other that much, she had to go to Olympus once a week to check how everything was going. Amphitrite is the Queen of the Sea through her marriage with Poseidon and one of the fifty Nereids. Note: Love, fluff. After Carlisle and Esme adopted them as a newborn vampire a few weeks ago, Y/N has felt as if they didn’t belong. Y/N has felt as if they have been a bother to the Cullen family. "Oi, calm down or else I'm leaving. Summery: When a new girl comes to Camp and is claimed by the least likely goddess, what will happen? Rated M cause of Gore and Violence and maybe language. Y/n and Poseidon were sitting down and reading their books in nothing but silence, the whole place was quiet. Jun 20, 2019 · Knowingly getting together with a god, as a demigod, that just calls for trouble. legolas glanced up from his arrows, tilting his head and scanning the forest. Words: 1330. But at this time, as the 1990s were on the horizon (and grunge was threatening to settle in), there was a question as to the future of elegance. Warnings: mentions of dying, sickness, hospitals. And when a certain daughter of Poseidon goes missi Stolen Glances . I, Percy Jackson, was much surprized when a centaur Iris messaged me one Saturday evening. Jul 12, 2017 · Daddy’s New Date (Tony Stark x Reader!daughter) This fic was suposed to be out 3 days ago, I explained here why I’m posting today. He is reported to have black hair and green eyes. OUREA (Urea) A nymph of the Troad (Asia Minor). Jan 08, 2021 · Like real people do pt 2Boba Fett X daughter reader. how to please Nyad, daughter of poseidon? she just vanished away after a Oct 15, 2019 · 317 notes. Warnings: Mentions of injuries, fighting, guns (let me know if I miss any) Originally posted by thebronx. Thus, these real-life siblings would be portraying brothers who were related only through adoption! Remarkably, the switches in cast, network and color worked out and the series was #15 for the year. Available for the first time ever in ebook format with a brand new cover, this novel retains most of the original text, but for creative purposes it has been re-edited by the author. May 04, 2020 · Reyna, nico, will and Thalia. ahem). Feb 07, 2020 · First Man (Bucky Barnes x Daughter!Reader) A/N: This is inspired by the song First Man by Camila Cabello… I listened to it and cried and just couldn’t get this fic idea out of my head so here it is! The protagonist of the story, twelve-year-old New Yorker Percy Jackson is the demigod son of Poseidon. Women’s National Soccer and Basketball issue are involved? “You are not lesser just because you are a girl. Originally posted by axiimoron. Warnings: None really just bad writing, also a bit of Inifinity War spoilers. Sep 13, 2020 · Stucky x daughter!Reader ft Peter Parker (Platonic) Warnings: b lood. Emmett x reader x Rosalie. 419. Feb 04, 2017 · Daughter of Aphrodite | Leo Valdez X Reader Daughter of Aphrodite Coming into the Aphrodite cabin (Name) was surprised by the site of red and pink balloons, glitter and hearts everywhere. " She nodded, relaxing in her father's touch. A/N Ok so I wasn’t sure if you wanted the reader to be Gabriel’s daughter, but here you go. Based on Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode 24. You felt sick, cinched into the dress that you were wearing. com/406871682-harry-potter-characters-x-reader-book-1-requestsENJOY May 21, 2016 · The Daughter of Poseidon-A New Beginning That might seem unbelievable because what you, the reader, knows the population of the world is around 7. “I felt that I knew her somehow and now I know. – Robb Stark x Reader. Warnings: panic attack (just talk about one and sobbing), talk of intrusive thoughts, OCD, and impulses. Jul 07, 2021 · Her Perspective (Harry Hart x Daughter Reader. Along with her sisters, Amphitrite came to the aid of sailors in distress, fought perilous Wattpad- wattpad. Maybe I’ll make a second part. I limped my way into the tower after a long night out with friends, at least that’s what I’ll tell everybody. Synopsis: Reader goes to bed and Poseidon joins them. fandomscontrolme. Percy Jackson is a five-book chapter book series about a 12-year-old demi-god boy whose dad is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. On New Year's Eve, the luxury ocean liner Poseidon capsizes after being swamped by a rogue wave. The Thomas Shelby you knew was a gentleman with blue eyes that could make you melt. But in Jul 16, 2018 · Dad (Star-lord x daughter!reader) Originally posted by bcnoist. “(First name)-chan~” he hummed and turned May 22, 2016 · Read Leo Valdez X Reader!Daughter of Poseidon from the story PJO/HOOXReader by chemistryjokehaha (nope) with 2,043 reads. SERIES Damian Wayne x Reader Ivy’s Daughter - ongoing Summary: Poison Ivy creates a daughter but it’s not safe for her so Batman takes her in. And on a side note I would also like to thank my friends Antoine and Mark for helping me on Piet’s reactions at the end. We could always use more father figure Peter Quill. There was a river, within the forest, she could escape if she managed to get to the water. Pairing: Loki x daughter! reader , Loki x fem!reader. Soulmate AU Dec 03, 2018 · Mal x Reader I found a few more of my old imagines so those will all be posted for the next couple days! For the past couple months you and Mal has been dating, you were absolutely enamored by her and Hermes (Blood of Zeus) x Reader. The rest of that car ride was silent, as was the walk from the car and to the city. When you visit Winterfell, you quickly find yourself making friends with the Starks and one Snow. Rayor, which deftly combines accuracy and poetry, the ancient music of the hymns comes alive for the modern reader. May 20, 2015 · Dad!Ahkmenrah x Daughter!Reader: I Promise I don’t own the picture, and I don’t own Night at the Museum. Daughters of Poseidon Fashion Collection 3 Feb 27, 2014 - A mini collection inspired by mermaids. → sonofApollo!Taehyung x daughterofPoseidon!reader (brother’s best friend au) → 3k words, supernatural drabble m. Of course Spencer wished he could warn his daughter’s preschool about the threat of Anthrax but he couldn Chris Evans X Daughter!Reader, Grandpa!Chris Evans X Flynn and Felix Evans (OCs), Tom Holland X Single-Mom!Reader (Slow Burn) Series Summary: It’s been 4 years, your sons are starting kindergarten, you’re starting junior year of college, a lot has changed. I was bored so I wrote this. Summary: He was your father but he didn’t really have a choice. Jul 12, 2021 · Pairing: wanda maximoff x reader. The Sea's Daughter meets the Cullens (Apollo/Persephone Jackson/ Luke) Percy Jackson and the Olympians and twilight crossover story. 10K 236 20. Other than that, enjoy! Reader is a little girl in this one. I do not own Rick Riordan, I own Anastaisa Kendora. May 12, 2006 · Poseidon: Directed by Wolfgang Petersen. 8 billion people The nymph Thoosa bore him, daughter of Phorcys, lord of the barren salt sea—she met Poseidon once in his vaulted caves and they made love. Oct 22, 2021 · Gaea&Uranus married and had 2 groups of kids titans&monsters. He won't interfere with your training or ask to see your abilities all the time. Or if someone wants to, an oneshot. Imagine…. 5 in x 7 in. Hope you also had a wonderful day as well! Sorry if it’s a bit short. It is true that, as a child, she had been found wandering in a goatskin by the shores of a Libyan lake; but rather than admit herself the daughter of Poseidon, whom she thought very stupid, she allowed Zeus to pretend she was his. And I just really feel like Jaime would be a good dad (if someone would let him. She is born from a broken oath on Styx made by the big three who are Zeus, Hades and Posei godsandgoddesses. I wrote this in less than 30 minutes, and I think it’s pretty shit (tbh everything I write it’s pretty shit, lol) but I hope you like it anyway :) Nov 20, 2005 · The Poseidon Adventure: Directed by John Putch. He repeatedly asked you if you were interested in the boy to which you would say, “I don’t know. I am the first-born daughter of Poseidon. Sherlock may be a little bit OOC Word Count: 1. Jun 04, 2015 · Turkel, the daughter of Jory, takes an interest in the fabled hero and through Olson manages to get a decent look at him. Due to his half-godly Greek heritage, Percy is dyslexic and has ADHD. There was a soft scent of blossoming flowers carried by the breeze as it ruffled your choice of clothing. Request: Can you do a oneshot where Lucifer reluctantly Dec 11, 2016 - Years after the war with Gaea,the eight demigods settle their ways. Just training, relaxing, and a lot of Annabeth. A Poseidon and Black Fem Reader Story 🔱 A beautiful water goddess attempting to live her best life in Atlantis. A/N: Reader is 15 years old in this! And! DOG! I love dogs so much and boom here it is. New demigods have arrived,bold and weak. Jennifer Jareau x Daughter!reader. It was only an hour into the visit, when you accidentally hurt yourself. Aug 05, 2018 · Summary. I was born for my father, by the will of the fates themselves. Though she is welcomed as a guest, she’s been gone for quite some time and has begun to miss the comforts of home. Come dive in on the shenanigans, heartbreaks, and deadly adventures of (Y/n) Kurosaki! Bakugo falling for All Mights daughter //Part 2//. Poseidon's Daughter was first published in 1996 by Pinnacle Books under the title A Touch of Paradise and under the author name Alexa Smart. Poseidon x Gn!Reader. Hermes: The guy who tries to bribe the masked men . (i used gender neutral y/n, hope that’s ok <3) Originally posted by imaginelegolas. -so you are Loki’s Poseidon With A Waterbending S/O. (guest) Mar 24, 07 at 10:50pm (PST) ^. Uranus x like his monster kids so he locked them underground. Supernatural Oneshots. Part 1 - Her Father’s Perspective. The creepy boy in the middle was Nico di Angelo and he was a son of Hades,(no wonder. With Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Jacinda Barrett, Richard Dreyfuss. jasongrace. Father! Ichigo x Daughter! Reader x Mother! Rukia. Sigrid was old enough to look after Bain and Tilda, and for that you were grateful. Please leave a comment on what you think, and what I could improve on for the future- I would really appreciate! A lot of new campers just muttered things like "He's Poseidon's son!", "He saved Olympus", "He rejected being a god!" but I couldn't help but smiling when I saw Annabeth. And now for his blinded son the earthquake god— though he won’t quite kill Odysseus— drives him far off course from native land. I had been at camp for a week. But come, all of us here put heads together now, Daughter - Pietro X Reader. Fanfiction table of contentsWorks in progress. REQUESTS ARE OPEN GIF IS NOT MINE! _____ → sonofApollo!Taehyung x daughterofPoseidon!reader (brother’s best friend au) → 3k words, supernatural drabble m. Until she meets Poseidon offering her his hand in marriage. A/N: officially adding GoT to my fandom list, lol. a/n: if you have no idea what i’m talking about for the games, watch this “Shit,” you mutter, pulling on the armor. I’ve re-written this like 6 times and still didn’t like any of them. KYMOPOLEIA (Cymopoleia) A sea-nymph or giantess daughter of Poseidon. Description: While the reader is out Loki is left to watch their daughter alone and she wants to have a tea party with her father and learn about her father. Gaea and Uranus had 2 titan children Cronus and Rhea. With Adam Baldwin, Rutger Hauer, Steve Guttenberg, Bryan Brown. Warning: None . Nadia is the daughter of greek god Ares and death eater Bellatrix Lestrange. October 15, 2019 DC Masterlist. Requested by an anon: Hello! I was wondering if you could write an imagine about the Doctor finding his college daughter on earth after having lost her in the time war as a little girl with the prompts of #20, #25, #47, and #67? Gif not mine, I found it on google. Sure tommy acted the same around you as he did with well everyone, but his his tone always softened and his eyes didn’t look so cold. Summary: Tony is in a meeting with the avengers when he gets an emergency alert from his secret daughter. While he lacks his friend's intelligence, Percy has loyalty and bravery, which is constantly shown in the book. Due to this you were on set with Charles alot, weither it was filming a scene or just waiting around off screen. Daughter of Aphrodite | Leo Valdez X Reader Daughter of Aphrodite Coming into the Aphrodite cabin (Name) was surprised by the site of red and pink balloons, glitter and hearts everywhere. Narrated by the adolescent Dorian Princess Cornelia, Hades Daughter is a fantastic historical adventure in an alternate universe. Steve Rogers x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader, Bucky Barnes x Teen!reader. Persephone: The one who acts innocent but will cut you stood Poseidon with flowing dark-blue beard and majestic stature, carrying in his hand the three-pronged trident with which he rules the waves. He spoke out the next number Chil and already stood up right in front of the door of his daughter room. Heart, Soul, and the Sea; (fem Percy/Ian) A Percy Jackson and The Host Dec 26, 2015 · {Poseidon spawns} (Armin Arlert x reader) By. How he, quite literally, fell head over heels for you. Over Olson's objections, she decides she has to meet this guy. Instructions are provided in charted pattern only. Thanks for anon for this request. MASTERLIST TAKING REQUESTS Summary: You start Jan 19, 2020 · THANKS <3. Set in the Ancient World, a hundred years after the fall of the legendary city of Troy, Hade's Daughter is about the greatest Game ever played. A/N: Part of the Episode series (requested) Also this is a bit long, Sorry not sorry. Her Roman counterpart is Salacia. Mar 12, 2019 · Rupert Grint #1Imagine… Going on Top Gear with your cast mate Rupert. I was really confused about them being sons and daughter of gods and a goddess. Una and her sea dragon companion Drákon, are sent to earth to help the humans against a hoard of demons that are trying to take over the earth. He was a bit protective and wanted to know a few things you were doing, mostly if you were hanging out with a guy. You an Poseidon (RoR) x Reader. Pronouns: They/Them. AU:- Professor, Student TA. You’re So Old!(Tony x Sister!reader) Y/N Stark(Tony x daughter!reader) Jan 08, 2021 · Like real people do pt 2Boba Fett X daughter reader. But they told me to walk with them for a Jan 16, 2019 · My name is Rhea Jackson, daughter of not only Sally Jackson but also Poseidon, God of the seas. While he went pretty fast Jeremy, Rupert and the studio audience are shocked when you skyrocket to the top of the leaders board Expectations| l. Leboha (FatherFigure!Elrond X Daughter!Reader) “Requested by @remitheremit : I wanted to ask for a platonic Elrond x daughter, a one shot. Daughter you may ask well let me show you. It isn't common that you see a regular human gain such powers. Series Warnings: Age gap (Reader is 20, Tom is 29), absent father, mentions teen Hera, probably identical with kera, mistress, just as her husband, Zeus, was called ἔρρος (erros) in the Aeolian dialect. his eyes darted around in the darkness, searching in the shadows for the source of the noise. She Poseidon x Gn!Reader. Out of the Ashes tells the story of Una and Brody. 8 billion people Aug 26, 2020 · Diaval x Reader (Maleficent’s daughter) Summary: Inspired by what Aurora has done, reader volunteers to venture to a nearby kingdom to make peace between more humans and the Moors. Warnings: N/A. “You’re late,” you muttered, and he nodded weakly. We're available anywhere, anytime, and always for free. (AWESOME GIF SHOUTOUT TO ITS CREATOR) GIF by rukia-writes. Halle Bailey is a cat mom! The Little Mermaid star, 21, paid homage to her Disney role by giving her cat an under May 21, 2020 · Secret Admirer (Aizawa & Daughter!Reader) Request: OML your Dadmight fics are so cute!Could you do one for Aizawa where his kid is a UA student and is receiving letters from a secret admirer. nicoisbae, hazellevesque Poseidon’s Academy is a middle grade fantasy series suitable for ages 9+. ”. Here is Zeus, inflicting upon Aphrodite her own Feb 21, 2016 · Measurements: 3. You’ve always been friend with him, since both of you were in diapers. Words: 694. She See a recent post on Tumblr from @itzyourgirlnat about kara danvers x daughter reader. Din Djarin x Fett! Reader Summary: [Y/N] Fett is ready to inherit her father’s armour. I remember when I was born into this world, the fates spoke to me before I was reincarnated as Poseidon's daughter. He just has to help a Mandalorian and his son first. She was a daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite. I was so mad I wanted to rip Zeus’s head off and feed it to Lycaon. RHODE or RHODOS The goddess-nymph of the Island of Rhodes (Greek Aegean),. Am I confusing you well sorry about that my name is Percy Jackson son or daughter now of Poseidon. Topic: how to please Nyad, daughter of poseidon? beck cassern. Her raven tresses covered some of her face as soft breaths brushed some of them. What’s in the web: Fluff. As one of Zeus’ brothers and part of the tripartite head of the gods, Poseidon has been the central character of many Greek myths and has played a role in many others. Allergies(Tony x Daughter!reader) You’re Gonna Have To Mess With Me First. You’d recently been given the role of the eldest Stark daughter who was forced to remain in King’s landing with the Lannisters. Poseidon, earth shaker, master of the seas. Mark Hamill is the most precious human being ever, okay?. (let me know about any I missed) A/N: Hi! Feb 06, 2019 · Pairing: Carlisle X Daughter!Reader . A/n: Send request of imagines you would like me to write. Merry Christmas! Caius Volturi x werewolf!reader. warnings: uh brief mention of your step dad leaving when you were younger, an interaction with your best friend doesn’t go as planned, percy’s grappling with rlly complicated feelings towards his dad and new sister. Caius Volturi x Vampire!reader. Sep 24, 2021 · Bella and reader hate each other. Jun 16, 2017 · Home - Part 2 - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader PART 1 Send in questions for my Q&A, and send as many as you want about anything! Nothing is too personal. At any time, you can change your permissions for the cookie settings below. I LOVE writing daughter!reader stories. On the other side stood Athene, grey-eyed and serene, helmet on her golden head and spear in hand. Oct 12, 2021 · Poseidon: The one who will do anything to achieve their ends . ) and the last boy was Will Solace and he was a son of Apollo. nicoisbae, hazellevesque Oct 27, 2019 · Sebastian x daughter!reader, so he gets really busy with something and forgets her birthday and it ends up in argument between the two and he says something really mean to the reader? Then the two of them go to cevans for help and don't know the other is already there? i know it's angsty but that's what i live for Jul 16, 2018 · Dad (Star-lord x daughter!reader) Originally posted by bcnoist. Original Language: English. As Harry’s murderous high is receding, all she can do is watch as Valentine raises a gun to her father’s head. Long before Hades had stolen/fallen in love with Persephone, he had another lover. But the chart is pretty clear and easy to follow. Set after the first movie; Harry is still presumed dead, until the remainder of the Kingsman discovery otherwise. s. But in Apr 29, 2018 · Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader Word count: 3,847 Warning: None, just fluff — Being Tony Stark’s daughter has its perks but also has some consequences to them. Sep 01, 2018 · a little legolas x daughter child!reader. At the heart o. HEROPHILE A nymph daughter of Poseidon and Aphrodite. requested: yeeyee !! hope u enjoy xoxo. Taking place a little bit before the hobbit. they married and had the olympians. S. Daughter of Olympus (Apollo/Arabella) Greek mythology and the Avengers crossover story. May 07, 2016 · Hunter x hunter (chrollo lucilfer x reader daughter) Chrollo’s little broken spider… I cannot help my smirk has my daughter runs down the hill holding that little boy tightly to her. Thor x reader °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• Having a father who is a sleep-deprived god is troublesome, always irritated and never fun. Aurora is a Greek demigod who is the only daughter of Poseidon known to exist. Request: “Can I get a Percy Jackson x reader ? Where she’s a daughter of apollo and the two of them and Anna Beth r on a mission, but it goes wrong and she ends up distracting the monsters and gets killed so apollo blames Percy, but then she somehow comes back to life and they get together and just lots of fluff??? A lot of new campers just muttered things like "He's Poseidon's son!", "He saved Olympus", "He rejected being a god!" but I couldn't help but smiling when I saw Annabeth. . # 4. Warning ⚠️: THE MOST TOXIC RELATION! Abuse (mental, verbal, and physical) I honestly think it's Stockholm SyndromeAnyway, read at you own risk. This is the story, my dear reader, of how you, a mere mortal, stole the heart of the Lord of the Underworld. - Poseidon’s blank and stoic face is the first thing any poor being would see if they ever dare to cross the god of the sea’s domain. "Be my wife. The Prodigy (Megan Rapinoe x Daughter!Reader) Originally posted by ashlynkriegers. (Y/n) is a 16 year old with Shinigami/Quincy/Hollow powers just like her father and mother. May 10, 2019 · Safe and Sound (RDJ x Daughter!Reader) Masterlist ** FINISHED SERIES **Description: You lived your life in San Diego since you were Seven, you seemed to have the perfect family and life. You always felt like you didn’t belong and when you had enough you ran away and got yourself hurt which made you realized that maybe he did care. Thinking of doing a jj x daughter! reader because I’ve been rewatching Gilmore girls and I am inspired and I would definitely have the reader be born way before jj gets to the bureau so yeah I’ll post Father-Daughter Relationship; Hwang Jun ho x Reader. Lord Apollo stole your heart the very second your eyes landed on him. Discover more posts about kara danvers x daughter reader. Daughter of Poseidon *gif doesn’t belong to me* Fandom: Percy Jackson. Five more years passed, which put fifteen years of marriage to Poseidon on your life. Jan 02, 2016 · So this is my third god x reader and I hope it's as good as the other ones! I think this one is slightly shorter but I didn't really want to add more to it as I think it would have been a bit repetitive. Same old, same old. Hey guys! So I decided that this would be an interesting topic to write on, so I'm going to try it! Please Read and Review! Enjoy! Daughter of Poseidon. Tony Stark x reader!daughter. Jul 10, 2020 · Bucky’s smile dulled when he saw you bite at the corner of your lip, the hesitant way you held yourself, and he cursed himself for being so late, “Hey, Sweetie,” he started, and moved to hug you, but his heart sank as you pulled away, refusing to even meet his eyes. It’s a bookmark. Queen Cassiopeia boasted that she and her daughter were more beautiful than the Nereids, the sea-nymph attendants of the sea god Poseidon and the sea goddess Thetis. Request: None (I’ve changed few things) You were in camp Half-Blood with your best friend Percy Jackson. By this time, I was 23. aurorapotter. Your nose hit a tree stump, but you didn’t even realize it was bleeding. _____ Here's what readers are saying about this high school fantasy series: Jan 27, 2017 · Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Daughter!Reader Fandom: Game of Thrones / ASoIaF Summary: Jaime comes to you with a surprise after he found out that you are his daughter. You’re the first daughter and second child of the royal family. Watch. Jul 09, 2017 · Tony Stark x reader: Because I Love You(Tony x daughter!reader) Actually, It’s Pretty Cool . pairing: Leo x Daughter of Poseidon. Scroll up and click ‘buy now’ to join Hailey for high school in a magical academy where adventure, monsters, and vengeful gods await. At the word Poseidon raised his trident and struck the ground. You were chasing Peter, in a quick game of tag, and you tripped over. Honestly, I love how this went. 『 seraphim x reader 』『 Blood of Zeus 』 The leader seemed occupied enough with interrogating the people in front. Poseidon, right from the start, is very impressed with your waterbending abilities. unwashed heathen. You. It was a normal day at Camp, but Percy Jackson was running patrol, so he knew it really wasn't. I can’t imagine (no pun intended) what it would be without you. Poseidon gloomy blue eyes stared coldly at his elder brother as his trident pierced through Adamas's Zeus's Mistake. Hades: The guy who has a tragic backstory who dies just when we feel empathy for him . nicoisbae, hazellevesque, hoo. Emma :ocean: daughter of Poseidon :ocean: 04/23/20. + daughter!reader; Originally posted by yesthebatmanme. May 08, 2021 · The Little Mermaid's Halle Bailey Shares Adorable Photo of New Cat Named Poseidon. Hades Poseidon Hestia Demeter Hera Zeus : Describe the internal conflict Odysseus and his men encounter in the land of the Lotus Eaters. Demeter: Determined to win for her daughter but ends up being killed by Ares . poseidon x daughter reader

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